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Welcome to CanadianWiki,
the free Canadian encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
There are 822 articles in English

Welcome to the new CanadianWiki, a free open source platform where contributors create and modify databases that contain information on most subject matters. Despite our name, we do allow non-Canadian content.

CanadianWiki's front page on February 25, 2018.
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Launched February 4, 2018; 9 months ago (2018-02-04)

Wiki News

Cookies: Are you having trouble logging into your account? The likely cause of this is, your browser could be blocking cookies which prevents CanadianWiki from saving information on your device known as a "cookie". You need to enable cookies in your browser to login, so, to do this, you will need to enter your browser settings and enable those cookies.

Protecting CanadianWiki against spam


CanadianWiki has been monitoring the increase of new accounts on CanadianWiki over the past several months. New accounts can be a good thing if the intention is good. However, we have noticed some new accounts creating new accounts under the same IP address, and creating new content that are now considered for Speedy Deletion. Those accounts have been blocked for 3 months for violating CanadianWiki article practices, and other accounts to those IP addresses have been auto blocked. Blocking an account for any reason is not a decision we take lightly but, we felt there was enough evidence to suggest these accounts and articles are no coincidence. We at CanadianWiki take serious and proactive steps to protect the integrity of CanadianWiki and our users. If you have been blocked, and wish to contest this action, you are more than welcome to do so.

CanadianWiki will be reviewing our account creation process and will be determining if it's sufficient or, if CanadianWiki will need to add more security to prevent potential bots from circumventing the steps we have in place. We always encourage users to report suspicious activity to CanadianWiki as soon as possible. If you want to see if you have been blocked, and to see the reason why there was a block, please visit Special:BlockList.

Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins Soon


The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season is an upcoming event in the annual formation of tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere. The season will officially begin on June 1, 2018, and end on November 30, 2018. These dates historically describe the period each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin and are adopted by convention. However, the formation of tropical cyclones is possible at any time of the year.

See Also: Weatheradio Canada and Canadian Hurricane Centre

Important note: Please take the time to review the CanadianWiki:Copyright Policy. Changes to the policy will be announced on the main page, so our contributors will have a chance to review the updated policy.