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Welcome to CanadianWiki,
the free Canadian encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
There are 842 articles in English

Welcome to the free CanadianWiki, a place where you can create and edit pages no matter where you are, and there are little restrictions on what pages you can create. This website is owned and operated by CanadianWiki LLC, and the general public creates and edits content without monetary compensation. While we strive for 100% Canadian content, we can not guarantee that everything will be 100% Canadian, and non Canadian pages will not be deleted.

CanadianWiki's front page on February 25, 2018.
Type of site
Available in English
Revenue Donations
Commercial No
Registration Optional (required to edit some pages)
Launched February 4, 2018; 10 months ago (2018-02-04)

Wiki News

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: CanadianWiki did some maintenance on the database and editing was disabled for a few minutes. CanadianWiki has completed the maintenance, and editing of pages and creating pages has been enabled. Thank you for your patience.

Advice on being a good contributor on CanadinWiki

1) Know how to edit: Editing a wiki can be a difficult task if it's your first time. To edit a page, simply click on the edit button located at the top right, and you'll be directed to the editing section. Have a look at the page you're about to edit, and look at how the contents of the page looks. Include or remove content that you feel is helpful, but be warned, every edit is logged and can be reverted if necessary.

2) Spot the padlocks: Some pages on CanadianWiki like the Main_Page is protected from editing for one reason or another, templates and modules are fully protected from editing as any changes to a template or module would have drastic consequences to almost every article. Fully protected pages show a gold pad lock located at the top right, while semi-protected articles show a silver lock and that means you have to have an account to edit that article. In some cases, an admin may forget to include a template that displays the lock, but he edit function won't be visible.

3) Know the talk/discussion pages: Every article has a discussion/talk page, where contributors can discuss any topic they wish related to that article. Such discussions should never be deleted except by an administrator to keep the talk pages short.

4) Create a page: Creating a page is easy. So how does one do it? Type in the search bar for a page called say I Love Wiki, and press enter. If there is not a page with that title, you can see I Love Wiki in red text. Click that red text, and you can begin to edit that page called I Love Wiki. Do be cautious, not every page is accepted here, and a page can be selected for deletion or be deleted right away if it is a severe violation.

5) Know the laws: CanadianWiki is located in Canada, and we must adhere to the laws in Canada. While you may be in a nation other than Canada, Canadian laws still apply. A law that may be okay in your country, may not be okay in Canada, or may have laws that vary than your country. For example: Wikipedia governs their laws based on the United States, and they base their rules on USA law, CanadianWiki on the other hand does not follow US law, as CanadianWiki is not based there, nor is our service hosted there.

6) Know what is acceptable: It is very important for you to know or to find out what is acceptable on CanadianWiki. We have high expectations when it comes to creating a well thought out article, but you must know what not to include or what not to create. For example: You can not include or create a page on child pornography for the intention of uploading images for the purpose of violating Canadian law on child pornography. Uploading such material would give you an automatic ban, so if you don't want to be banned, I wouldn't upload such images. However, if the article is about child pornography that is intended to be informative and constructed that would be acceptable.

7) Respect: Respect comes in different forms, too many to list. CanadianWiki suggests being kind to one another when discussing problems that may arise. CanadianWiki is an open wiki for any one to edit, and editors will always have a difference of opinion, and not everyone will get their way. Respect people's privacy is very important, don't include people's names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses, IM names, etc.

8) You are the police: Administrators can not patrol every page on CanadianWiki, especially the larger CanadianWiki gets. Editors/Contributors on Canadian are always looking through pages and revisions, and will spot things that may not want be on CanadianWiki, or may violate Canadian Law or CanadianWiki rules and regulations. If you see something questionable, contact an administrator right away.

Video of the Week

Canada is a well known nation for their peacekeeping missions, maple syrup, and how nice the nation is compared to their neighbours to the south. Canada has a Prime Minister who is the Head of Government, and has a Queen Elizabeth II who is Head of State.

Important note: Please take the time to review the CanadianWiki:Copyright Policy. Changes to the policy will be announced on the main page, so our contributors will have a chance to review the updated policy.