Brandon Stoughton

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Brandon Stoughton
Born 1981
Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Occupation Model Actor
Known for Womanizer

Brandon Stoughton or also known as "The Boy Womanizer " ( Los Angeles , California , United States , August 20 , 1981 ) is an American model and actor, his zodiac sign is Leo. She currently works as a model in "LA Modelos" and resides in Los Angeles ( California ).


Brandon Stoughton began his career in 2007, represented by LA models. With the help of his renowned agency and photographer Ronald N. Tan , he landed his first model job, with a lucrative " Calvin Klein " campaign . She now works as a model for "LA Modelos" and has done several photo shoots promoting clothing brands, including the brand named Calvin Klein , Louis Vouitton , among others. In 2008, she also worked with Britney Spears in the music video Womanizer. Here Brandon Stoughton plays the role of a womanizing boy, who is seduced by the singer disguised as three different women. At the end of the video Brandon is attacked and disappeared by Britney, having succumbed to the infidelity put to the test by the singer.

In 2008, Brandon filmed the movie Stell Cell, with the character called "Thing". The film is genre Thriller and was directed by the famous film director David DeCoteau . The film is about experiments by a frustrated scientist.


After being seen by millions of people in the world thanks to the Womanizer video Brandon Stoughton has been one of the most wanted guys on the web, since the public was surprised by the perfect physique he offers. During the months of November and December his great push towards popularity arose. The website " Yahoo " on its list of the most wanted celebrities of the month of November , positioned Brandon Stoughton at number 34 and on the page "Msn" ranked at number 43. Later it was losing popularity on the web , but he is still the most wanted " Britney Spears Boy " par excellence. According to the latest data from Google, this man took all the photo search engines by search terms and has become a regular fotologs , facebooks and closet doors (at least) of effervescent quinceañeras and not so quinceañeras.

On the other hand the web , file, which offered a percentage of the most sought after performers in recent months, particularly in the month was published in March , April , May and June of 2009 . The percentage that Brandon receives is 7%, a quite high percentage, since we talk about pages that can visit the whole world. For which approximately 7% are more than 18 million visits on the web by this actor. The artist who crowns the top of this list is Michael Jackson with more than 23%. Brandon ranks # 36 among the most wanted.