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People's Party of Canada
Parti populaire du Canada
Abbreviation PPC
Leader Maxime Bernier[1]
Founder Maxime Bernier
Founded September 14, 2018
Split from Conservative Party
Headquarters 205–290 St-Joseph Blvd
Gatineau, QC J8Y 3Y3
Membership 20,374 (Oct 2018)[2]
Ideology Conservatism[3]
Classical liberalism[5]
Political position Right-wing[8][7][4]
Colours          Navy and red
0 / 105
House of Commons
1 / 338

The People's Party of Canada (PPC, French: Parti populaire du Canada) is a right-wing party in Canada that was founded by former Conservative Party leadership candidate and cabinet minister Maxime Bernier following his August 23, 2018 resignation from the Conservative Party of Canada. Bernier is the party's only Member of Parliament in the House of Commons.



The People's Party of Canada was launched following the resignation of Maxime Bernier from the Conservative Party of Canada. In his resignation speech, Bernier stated he wanted to leave the party as a result of disagreements with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, whom Bernier finished runner-up to in the 2017 Conservative Party leadership election. He cited issues such as immigration, corporate welfare, equalization reform, and supply management as examples.[9] Bernier expressed frustration with the party, stating "I've come to realize this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed."[10]

In a National Post op-ed, Bernier stated that his motive for forming the party was to reverse the "public choice dynamic" in the Canadian political system resulting in vote-buying and pandering by prominent political parties in Canada. Bernier reiterated his belief that the Conservative Party cannot be reformed to end this practice and that a new political party is required.[11]

After Bernier was removed from his position as industry critic from Scheer's shadow cabinet, a couple of political watchers speculated Bernier might leave the party and take over the Libertarian Party of Canada.[12] Libertarian leader Tim Moen had offered to step aside for Bernier following the results of the 2017 Conservative leadership race and adopted Bernier’s platform.[13][14] Prior to his resignation from the Conservative party, Bernier had began re-establishing contact with individuals who supported his 2017 Conservative leadership bid. Individuals close to Bernier stated they believed Bernier had the necessary support to register a party with Elections Canada.[15] Immediately prior to registering his party, Bernier revealed to The Globe and Mail that the Libertarian Party and the Canadian Nationalist Party had offered to help Bernier build his party, but he declined their offers.[16] Libertarian Party leader Tim Moen remains open to the idea of a merger with the People's Party which could accelerate the party's fundraising efforts and nominated candidates.[lower-alpha 1][17] However, Bernier reaffirmed he has no interest in a merger when asked by Global News[18] When asked about organizing his party, Bernier mentioned that he will use tools that did not exist in the past, such as the use of social media.[19][20][lower-alpha 2]


Bernier stated that his party is "a coalition of people who are disenchanted with traditional politicians who say one thing one day and the other the next".[21] He mentioned that his platform will be based around the principles of freedom, responsibility, fairness, and respect.[8][22] Bernier encourages members of the party to share these principles which are non-negotiable but they will have input on policies as they are refined.[23] Currently, The People's Party of Canada platform has not been finalized, but will follow the platform that Bernier ran on during his 2017 Conservative leadership campaign.[24] Prominent platform planks include ending corporate welfare and supply management and opposing government intervention. Bernier also wants to have a wider debate about immigration and consider possible changes to the system for immigration reform such as reducing family reunification and focusing on economic immigration.[25]

Following the launch of the party, Bernier stated in a TV interview with BNN Bloomberg he continued to have interest in deregulating the telecom industry, increasing airline competition, reducing tax brackets, and having a discussion around the privatization of Canada Post which were key components of his original 2017 Conservative leadership platform.[26]

Bernier stated in an interview with CTV News his new party will consider ceding control of health care to provinces by ending federal health transfers and granting the provinces the ability to raise their own revenue, allow for more private health care, while maintaining the Canada Health Act.[27]

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  1. Since Elections Canada regulations state that a party must run a candidate in a by-election before it can issue tax receipts which might be able to take a shortcut to that step
  2. by asking his followers on Facebook and Twitter to join regional groups to form what he is calling The People’s Network. He’s encouraging supporters to work together to start groups for their own regions


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