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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Welcome to the new CanadianWiki, a free open source platform where contributors create and modify databases that contain information on most subject matters. We would like to help you feel welcome, welcome to create and, welcome to edit. If you need assistance, please contact an administrator. We welcome everyone, even if you're using a VPN.

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Turkish official: 'Certain evidence' found in consulate

The same day America's top diplomat met with Saudi Arabia's King Salman and his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the disappearance and alleged killing of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi, a hi...
Fay Abuelgasim, Suzan Fraser and Jon Gambrell 2018-10-16 04:59:00
Trudeau takes political gamble with legalized pot for Canadian adults
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reassuring Canadians the country is indeed ready to become the first G7 member to greenlight legal recreational pot -- a campaign pledge that will become reality in...
Kristy Kirkup 2018-10-15 20:55:00
Idaho wildlife official resigns after killing baboon family
A top Idaho wildlife official has resigned amid outrage over a photo of him posing with a baboon family he killed in Africa.
2018-10-16 14:37:14
Police can march in Toronto Pride Parade once again, organizers say
Toronto's Pride Parade has lifted a ban on uniformed police officers participating in the colourful annual event, saying the force was welcome to apply to be a part of next summer's festivities.
2018-10-16 13:42:00
Same-sex penguin pair fosters egg in Australia aquarium
A pair of same-sex penguins have become the first such couple to foster an egg at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Australia.
2018-10-16 14:38:59
Abbott-brand nutrition beverages, such as Ensure, recalled for bacteria concerns
Abbott Nutrition is recalling a number of its canned nutritional beverages due to possible bacterial contamination.
2018-10-16 09:10:00
'For your baby': Young girl gifts Meghan Markle koala plush toy
During their tour of Australia, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were handed a koala plush toy in what might be the first of many gifts intended for the newest royal-to-be.
2018-10-16 13:18:00
Woman who refused to let black neighbour into building fired
A white woman who refused to allow a black neighbour into their downtown St. Louis apartment building because he wouldn't show her proof that he lived there has been fired.
2018-10-15 16:05:00
Girl, 6, dead after being hit by transit train in Calgary
A six-year-old girl was struck and killed by a transit train in Calgary while walking to school.
2018-10-15 16:49:00
Believe it or not: Man enters Ripley's Aquarium, strips naked and jumps into shark tank
Police have identified a suspect after a man entered Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto late Friday night, almost immediately stripped naked and jumped into the shark tank.

2018-10-15 12:45:00

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Did you know?

  • MITV (pictured), was an independent television station in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The station launched in 1988 and was re-branded as Global in 1997.
  • Night Owl Security, is an American video surveillance company, offering low cost video surveillance systems for the home and business.
  • Little Harbour is a small Canadian community in [[Halifax Regional Municipality.
  • Weatheradio Canada is a 24 hour weather and alerting system from Environment and Climate Change Canada.
  • CanadianWiki is a Canadian online encyclopedia where anyone can create and edit articles. CanadianWiki platform was developed through use of MediaWiki..
  • CKHY-FM re-branded as ROCK 105.1 on August 10, 2018 at 1:05PM ADT. The station also changed format from Modern Rock to Mainstream Rock.

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Two Factor Authentication - CanadianWiki

  • CanadianWiki has enabled the ability to use Two factor Authentication which, allows a registered user to input a code using a mobile phone while trying to login on a device that is not known and/or, a browser where you did not save your login credentials. You are capable of using popular Authenticators like Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator. How does it work? You will attempt to input your user name and password. Once authenticated with CanadianWiki, you'll be prompted to enter a code. You will open your authenticator and input the CanadianWiki code which refreshes every several seconds. Do you need internet access for that? No however, you will need to allow your authenticator to download new codes to your phone every so often. Yes, it may sound complicated but, the authenticator will ask you to point your camera to the code box provided by CanadianWiki, and you will be ready to go. Two Factor Authentication can be used on a lot of platforms like Google including YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft Account and more.

    Two Factor Authentication is a great way to secure your account should someone guess your login information or, have your credentials stolen by a computer virus. CanadianWiki is now able to remove your authenticator from your account, if you reset your phone, or lose your phone. The only persons able to do this are those with shell access to the CanadianWiki database. CanadianWiki will be looking at options to authenticate the user to the account in question, as a general policy to prevent unauthorized requests. Once a policy is in effect, it will be added here. Until such policy is in effect, you are strongly encouraged to not reset your phone without removing the authenticator requirement from your account first.

    IMPORTANT: When signing up for Two Factor Authentication, you should keep in mind that you are given a list of codes you must keep in a safe place. These codes will allow you access to your CanadianWiki account should you lose access to your authenticator. To enable Two Factor Authentication or to remove the authenticator from your account, please visit Special:Two-factor_authentication For additional information Visit MediaWiki.