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Canadian Wiki is a free online Canadian Encyclopedia, where the general public can create and edit pages. This website was created on February 04, 2018 to create a Canadian own editable database. Canadian Wiki or Can Wiki for short, is written by collaboration by the public, who write and edit with out compensation. Citizens of all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, can work together on this Canadian database. While this website is still brand new, we focus on collaboration, which means all pages belong to the public, and no one person can claim ownership of any page regardless if he or she has contributed more. This website is owned and operated by AHO Canada.


From time to time, two or more persons may have a dispute on a page or content on a page, and you are encouraged to settle your differences. Should you be unable to settle it amongst yourselves, you may seek administrator to assist with your problem. An administrator will require you all to write your perspective on the situation, and an admin will ask for clarification or even discuss the problem. If no conclusion can be made, an admin will make a final decision as soon as possible.


We strongly discourage vandalism on this website, and we ask the community and moderators to monitor these types of actions. Citizens have the ability to revert these changes, but from time to time, we may lock a page from vandalism for a period of time. If a user is consistently vandalising pages, a ban will be enforced with or without notice.